Biodiversity loss and climate change is one of the major environmental issues of our time. Power grid companies can help by contributing to the global Agenda 2030 goals “Ecosystems and biological diversity” and “Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure”. Power lines run through landscapes and the companies can strengthen the biological diversity in these landscapes by a management that take nature conservation into consideration.

In december 2022, the LONA-project was initiated, a collaboration between Kinnekulle Energi, the University of Skövde and the municipality of Götene. The purpose of the project is to first identify areas in the grid of Kinnekulle Energi that has greater value from a biodiversity perspective. After that, a field study will be performed to examine these areas in more detail. Finally, a new integrated vegetation management (IVM) will be conducted and the personnel will be educated in the new strategy. The project will conclude in 2025.

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